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Dr. Kaplan's Services



Dr. Kaplan's practice is in Albany, California near Berkeley and Oakland. The list below can help you see if Dr. Kaplan's services are right for you. Please email Dr. Kaplan and her staff and ask specific questions to help you choose which service is best for you or your loved ones. Or, you can call at (510) 524-6117.

Individual psychotherapy is a cornerstone of treatment. These sessions allow you to discuss your situation with me in depth, and let me help you with many different ways to release yourself from the bonds of eating disorders or weight management issues.

Individual consultation is a way for me to help you assess your situation and look for new directions, in one to three sessions. It can precede individual therapy or be a standalone consultation.

Family therapy is a way for the whole family to work together for the benefit of the person with the weight management concern or eating disorder.

Group therapy provides the support of kindred spirits as you work to heal from your eating disorder, or develop a deeper understanding of your weight management issues, and improve your weight management and emotion regulation skills.

Parent consultation is a way for parents, whether the children are young children or adults, to gain insight, support, and perspective, in dealing with their loved one with a weight management issue or eating disorder. It is also a place for parents to strategically plan what would be healthiest and best for them in helping their child.

Weight management coaching is for those who do not need psychotherapy services but who want support for weight management. It allows a focus on the complexities of weight management and the development of strategies for change regarding food, exercise and lifestyle.

Please contact Dr. Kaplan at 510.524.6117 to discuss your situation.


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