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The Moment by Jane Rachel Kaplan. Avoid overeating with wisdom and skill.

●  Full Spectrum Eating (summary) (full article) by Jane Rachel Kaplan. Full Spectrum Eating is a healing tool designed to help you develop a healthier relationship with food at a time when there is unprecedented access to a great variety of foods and ideas about eating.

The UnCandy Bar by Jane Rachel Kaplan. The UnCandy Bar is here to help you grow in awareness and self-confidence, to support the part of you that wants to learn new ways to nourish your body and mind instead of numbing them out. Although self-nurturance is not always easy to learn, I can promise you it is worth it, and truly delicious. I hope you enjoy this bar. 

A Most Tender Balance: Behind-the-Scenes Treatment of Children and Teens with Obesity by Jane Rachel Kaplan. Understand the ways parents can effectively aid a child or adolescent in dealing with a weight problem even if the young person is not directly involved in treatment.

How to Improve Your Body Image While Still Hating Your Body by Jane Rachel Kaplan. This humorously serious article has some great ideas for improving your body image no matter how you feel about your body.

Binge Eating for Personal Freedom by Jane Rachel Kaplan. Do you eat when you feel constrained? This short article increases awareness of some of the ways we use binge eating in our search for personal freedom and tells us what we can do.

Why Getting Better Feels Bad by Jane Rachel Kaplan. This upbeat article discusses the five stages of recovery from eating disorders and helps you understand how to survive your recovery.

From Food as Nourishment to Food as Dominating Force by Tami Lyon. This article hits home on the basics of eating disorders nutrition and makes clear the ways the body copes with food during this trying time. Eating disorders

A Glimpse Into Another World is a sample chapter from How People Recover From Eating Disorders by Jane Rachel Kaplan and Linda Riebel, Ph.D. See how the world looks from the viewpoint of someone with an eating disorder and get a first-hand feeling of the difficulties involved for the sufferer and for her significant others. Click here to order the book from Amazon.com.


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